Trump’s team just made a humiliating mistake in their St. Paddy’s Day hat scam

- Maret 17, 2018

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, it’s time to reveal the tale of a Trump attempt to exploit the holiday that turned into an embarrassing fiasco for the president and his woefully premature re-election campaign.

In an apparent attempt to appeal to Irish-American members of his Make America Great Again cadre of clueless followers, President Trump ordered his campaign to create a line of special St. Patrick’s Day MAGA hats in green instead of the traditional Republican red.

In addition to the green color the baseball-style caps were meant to feature an image of a shamrock in tribute to Irish heritage. In typical Trumpian incompetence. however, the hats wound up with the image of a four leaf clover, instead of a shamrock which features only three leaves of similar shape to the emblematic Irish symbol.

The Official Team Trump Twitter account posted pictures of the hats with their sham shamrocks as part of their attempts to flog the mistakenly emblazoned headgear for profit and propaganda purposes, but the four leaf clover in this case did not manage to bring them any luck..

And at $50 apiece for the loathsome-looking caps, a substantial profit would be ensured, if the caps were still available on the page that the tweet links to.

Whether the supplies truly did not last or whether the Official Team Trump pulled the items from the online store once the stupid and careless mistake was pointed out by a true son or daughter of the Emerald Isle is not currently known, but suffice it to say that few of the workers at the Chinese factory that manufactured the defective chapeaus were likely to know the difference that between the two plants, a difference that is all too apparent to true devotees of Irish culture.

It’s the luck of the Irish that only a faux shamrock is currently associated with the Trump brand, luck and the incompetence of his campaign staff.

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