Trump just shot himself in the foot with unhinged tweet attacking McCabe & Comey

- Maret 17, 2018

It appears that President Trump was not pleased to discover that the Deputy FBI Director he ordered fired out of pure spite two days before his retirement, Andrew McCabe, had saved memos detailing all of his interactions with Trump and has now turned those documents over to Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation team.

That much was made obvious when he took to Twitter this morning to rage and piteously moan about how the “fake news” media was obsessing over McCabe while spreading conspiracy theories about the former Deputy FBI Director that Trump picked up while watching FOX News.

Of course, in typical Trumpian fashion, his childish inability to restrain his knee-jerk impulse to lash out may come back to bite him.

Andrew McCabe was not fired because of the campaign donations to his wife’s Virginia state Senate run by Clinton-allied groups and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.

The official statement from the Department of Justice explaining McCabe’s firing argued that McCabe had shown a “lack of candor” in his sworn testimony about leaks during the Clinton investigation, which is a fireable offense in an FBI that takes honesty in its agents very seriously.

Trump’s remarks about the events of two years prior make it clear that not only is this not an independent decision by the Justice Department – which is supposed to be an independent branch of government – but also suggest that Jeff Sessions’ excuse for firing McCabe might not have been accurate.

The president is single-handedly building a trail of evidence that he is abusing his power to dismantle the independence of our Justice Department, opening up yet another can of legal worms that Special Counsel Mueller can add to the obstruction of justice case that he’s assembling against the President.

The irony is simply delicious.

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