Students punished for gun walkout just turned their detention into an inspiring protest

- Maret 19, 2018

Last week students sent a clear message to Congress by staging a national school walkout as a way to call for meaningful gun control reform. If lawmakers want to keep their jobs, they’ll have to start paying attention to the rising generation and acknowledge new priorities. No longer will Republicans be able to rake in huge donations from the NRA consequence-free.

These students should be commended for their brave actions, and if they can maintain their momentum and turn it into legislation, future generations will be indebted to them. That said, not every school was as supportive of the walkout as they should have been.

Pennridge High School in Perkasie, Pennsylvania saw some 200 students walk out as a show of solidarity with the victims and survivors of the horrific Parkland mass shooting. In response, the school issued them detentions.

The Morning Call reports that the students chose to use their punishment as another avenue of protest. On Saturday, a group of 46 children showed up for detention wearing the names of gun violence victims pinned to their clothes. They linked arms together and took turns placing flowers at the center of a circle. It was a moving display of empathy and moral strength.

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The peaceful display was organized by senior student Anna Sophie Tinneny.

“It was disappointing that our school teaches us to be like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr., people who stood up for what they believed in. And they weren’t going to let us do the same,” Tinneny said.

Others showed up outside the school with signs to demonstrate their support for the students and their protest. The entire incident was a strong reminder that students are done waiting for adults to take responsible action to save lives. Nationwide, children are demanding new laws now, and they’re not backing down. They should be celebrated and supported at every turn.

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