James Comey just responded to McCabe’s firing with a brutal threat to Trump

- Maret 17, 2018

Former FBI director James Comey took to Twitter this morning to both taunt and threaten President Trump over the firing of his deputy director, Andrew McCabe,

In an ominous statement, Comey alluded to the meticulous records and notes that the fired intelligence official kept about his private interactions with President Trump – notes that could very well be the key to putting President Trump in prison for obstructing justice.

In late January, acting Attorney General Sally Yates informed White House Counsel Don McGahn that intelligence officials that National Security Advisor Michael Flynn had discussed President Obama’s incoming sanctions with the Russian ambassador “immediately” after US intelligence services had intercepted their communications, a violation of the Logan Act.

When questioned about the calls, Gen. Flynn lied to FBI investigators. In his efforts to squash the investigation, Trump went to FBI Director James Comey and privately demanded that he “let it go” and asked him to pledge loyalty to him.

When he wouldn’t, Trump fired him, leading to the appointment of Special Counsel Mueller and the formation of his team – and the beginnings of an obstruction of justice case.

Now it appears that Trump has fired Andrew McCabe two days before retirement to deny him his pension as petty retribution for his role in supporting Comey and his own refusal to pledge loyalty to the President.

While McCabe is a millionaire and will be just fine without that pension, the abuse of Trump’s power to politically punish his enemies is a deeply disturbing and wildly inappropriate thing that we cannot allow to go unpunished – and it appears James Comey agrees.

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