Ivanka Trump just pretended to be a scientist and it blew up in her face

- Maret 20, 2018

It’s been a rough start to the week for Ivanka Trump.  Yesterday, the helicopter she and husband-slash-White House colleague, Jared Kushner, had an engine malfunction, but thankfully the pilot was able to return the aircraft safely to the airport.

Today, Ivanka wasn’t so lucky.  Late last night, she tweeted about a visit she made to an Iowa school earlier in the day to promote her father’s stalled infrastructure push.  By the time she awoke this morning, the backlash was already underway.

“Talking #WorkforceDevelopment and Infrastructure in Iowa today! @realDonaldTrump’s #Infrastructure initiative includes a robust plan to expand skills-focused learning to prepare the next generation of American workers for 21st century job opportunities,” she wrote.

The substance of the tweet is fine, even laudable, and had she left it at that, she might have spared herself the embarrassment.  In true Trump fashion, however, she included photos, and the users of Twitter made her pay dearly for one of her in a lab coat playing scientist.

Some responses were from actual scientists who took serious offense at the First Daughter’s cheap photo-op and those who celebrated her for it.

“I may not be thin and blonde, but at least I’m doing actual science, unlike Ivanka. ” tweeted @MariBrigh.

Others like @Tanishaevonne took issue with the phoniness of it all, particularly as it mocks diversity in the sciences, tweeting, “We ask for equality, you give us Reba as Colonel Sanders. We ask for more women in STEM, you give us Ivanka pretending to know what a science is. For fucks sake.

But most were just hilarious takes and repackaging at Ivanka’s expense.  The image even transcended into a meme that went viral within hours.

We’ve collected a sampling of the best of the backlash below:

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