Austin’s serial bomber just escalated terror spree with a dangerous new method

- Maret 19, 2018

Yet another bomb went off in Austin, Texas last night, reportNBC News. It’s the fourth explosion in the past three weeks and officials are approaching the attacks as the work of a serial bomber.

The latest explosion went off at 8:30 PM local time when two bicyclists triggered a tripwire. They both suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries.  The manner in which the bombing was carried out shows a deviation from the previous three blasts, all of which were carried out by package bombs left at people’s homes.

The latest victims were white men in their twenties. The previous bombings took the lives of Stephen House, 39, and Draylen Mason, 17. Both were black and attended the same church, which raised the possibility that the bomber was specifically targeting minorities. Mason’s mother was also hurt in the attack, and an elderly Hispanic woman suffered serious injuries from another bomb. This latest explosion complicates the theory but certainly doesn’t rule it out entirely.

Police Chief Brian Manley said that authorities are trying to discern if there is a specific ideology motivating the attacks, but that he couldn’t say yet if the bombings are the work of a domestic terrorist.

The FBI has deployed 350 more agents to Austin and sent in additional bomb squads in an effort to quickly apprehend the murderer before he or she can strike again. Special Agent Christopher Combs, the head of the San Antonio branch of the FBI appeared on The Today Show to discuss some of the bureau’s efforts.

He explained that tripwire explosives carry a distinct risk to the populace because they go off indiscriminately and can inflict serious damage on unsuspecting victims. Combs pointed out that the latest explosive could have easily been triggered by a child. Hopefully, the FBI’s efforts prove quick and efficient, and the person taking the lives of innocent Americans is captured soon.

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