Obama just took a swipe at Trump with a Christmas morning tweet

- Desember 25, 2017

Despite Trump’s cause célèbre of “bringing back” the phrase “Merry Christmas” – even though it was never gone – former President Barack Obama took to Twitter this morning to say the very words that Trump claimed he had waged an “assault” on.

Trump, for his part, continued to stoke controversy for the duration of his campaign up until as recently as last night, when he posted a self-congratulatory tweet about having “led the charge against the assault of our cherished and beautiful phrase.”

Obama, however, has a storied tradition of willfully and proudly saying the phrase, “Merry Christmas,” proving yet again that conservatives’ “war on Christmas” is nothing more than trite, tired, and transparent fear mongering intended to whip up controversy where there exists none.

Of course, Trump’s newfound obsession with Christianity is nothing more than blatant pandering to his evangelical base. In reality, Trump is about as Christian as the Pope is Jewish. He has waged an all-out assault on the nation’s poorest citizens by attempting to strip them of healthcare and signed a tax plan that would ultimately raise their taxes. He has vilified foreigners for no reason other than the color of their skin, has been egregiously dishonest in both his business dealings and during his tumultuous tenure as president, and has an embarrassing command of the Bible. Also, he’s been married three times and had a child with his second wife out of wedlock, if we’re being picky.

While the nation scoffs at Trump’s newfound – and convenient – appropriation of Christianity, the Obamas are a testament to what real values, morality, and ethics look like.

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